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JetsFast-Our Fleet

At JetsFast LLC, we have the finest aircraft in our fleet. These aircraft are used not only for providing luxury travel to our clients but also for flight training for students. Experience unmatched luxury and convenience with JetsFast LLC's private charters. As a top private jet broker, we provide the best private air charter services for your travel needs.

We currently have three of the top aircraft in the industry with the finest features.

Cessna Citation XLS+

Max. range 6019 km

Max. speed 852 km/h

Passengers 13 person

private jet broker

One of the most popular and best-selling business jets, the Cessna Citation XLS+ comes with robust technical and ergonomic features.

The aircraft brings to you a combination of size, cabin comfort, and engine performance. The aircraft usually comes with 8 comfortable seating arrangements.
However, it can be customized to accommodate a 12-seating arrangement.

Cessna Citation XLS+ offers outstanding short-runway performance and is perfect for a 4-hour journey such as Miami to New York or London to Switzerland. The aircraft boasts Pratt & Whitney PW545B engines to increase performance and thrust.

The aircraft has several other in-cabin features to make your travel comfortable and luxurious. Contact our JetsFast LLC team to find out more about this aircraft.

Cessna Citation XL

Max. range 12017 km

Max. speed 905 km/h

Passengers 16 person

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One of the most popular aircraft in the medium-size category, Cessna Citation XL brings you high-class amenities and comfort.

The aircraft is built to operate from bigger and smaller airports alike. The aircraft has comfortable and plush leather 7-seat arrangements. The aircraft can carry 13 bags comfortably, ensuring safe travel every time. The seats offer full reclining features, and a few come with rotating features too. The aircraft has Pratt & Whitney Canada 2xPW545B engines to provide sufficient thrust and performance.

Cessna Citation XL offers you a great chance to relax and enjoy your travel to your preferred destination. To know more about this aircraft, contact our JetsFast LLC team.

Embraer Phenom 300

Max. range 7657 km

Max. speed 748 km/h

Passengers 14 person

private jet broker

When you are looking for a light or superlight jet, Embraer Phenom 300 is the obvious choice. The award-winning jet has the most spacious cabin, along with performance in the superlight jet category.

This light jet has an 8-seater arrangement with a baggage capacity of 12 bags. The jet has twice the baggage capacity compared to any other jet in this category, making it a top choice for travelers. The aircraft has Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E turbofan engines offering digital control and full throttle.

To learn more about this award-winning superlight jet, contact our JetsFast LLC team now.

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